Post Docs

  1. Harun Siljak, Complexity and Control of Distributed Massive MIMO, 2017-, TCD
  2. Hamid Saeedi-Sourck, Graph Signal Processing, 2017-, TCD
  3. Neal McBride, Complex Systems Science for Communication Networks, 2016-, TCD
  4. Francisco Paisana, Spectrum Sharing for Radar Bands, 2016-, TCD
  5. Carlo Galiotto, Small Cell Networks, LSA, mmWave, 2016-, TCD
  6. George Ropokis, Cognitive Radio Networks, 2016-, TCD
  7. Majid Butt, RRM for LSA, Energy Harvesting, Caching, 2015-, TCD
  8. Arman Farhang, PHY Layer Aspects of 5G, 2015-, TCD
  9. Laura Ingolotti, LSA System Level Simulation, 2014-15, TCD

Ph.D. students

  1. Sadaf Nawaz, Energy Harvesting in 5G Networks, 2017-, TCD
  2. Andrea Bonfante, Addressing the future wireless network capacity scaling trough massive MIMO and millimetre Wave technologies and a user centric networking, 2017-, TCD & Nokia Bell Labs
  3. Ramy Amer, Caching in 5G Networks, 2016-, TCD
  4. Fadhil Firyaguna, System Level Studies in Dense mmWave Networks2016-, TCD
  5. Parna Sabeti, Waveforms and Multiple Antenna Signal Processing, 2015-, TCD
  6. Merim Dzaferagic, Application of Complex Systems Science to Communication Networks, 2015-, TCD
  7. Conor Sexton, Physical Layer Adaptations to Support Resource Sharing in Next Generation Wireless Networks, 2015-, TCD
  8. Francisco Paisana, Spectrum Sharing Techniques for Radar Bands, 2012-16, TCD
  9. Neal McBride, Monte Carlo Methods on Complex Networks, 2013-16, TCD
  10. Pedro Alvarez, Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Open Access and Long-Reach Passive Optical Networks, 2012-16, TCD
  11. Carlo Galiotto, Scaling Wireless Network Capacity through Ultra-Dense Small-Cell Deployment, 2012-16, TCD
  12. Arman Farhang, Multiuser Communications for Next Generation Wireless Networks, 2012-15, TCD
  13. Osama Alrabadi, MIMO Communication Using Single Feed Antenna Arrays, 2008-10, Aalborg University & Athens Information Technology

Supervision of Master and Bachelor students’ theses

  • 10 M.Sc. theses
  • 5 taught Master thesis
  • 12 taught Bachelor theses

Topics: multiple antenna techniques, spectrum sensing, waveform design, flexible spectrum usage, game theory applied to flexible spectrum usage, e-healthcare, cognitive radio networks, complex systems science applied to communication, optical-wireless integration, 5G, LTE-A, IoT

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