About Myself



My education and research profile spans over both ICT Engineering and Mathematics. I hold a Laurea (BSc+MSc) in Electronic Engineering, a BSc and MSc in Mathematics, and a PhD in Wireless Communications.

I have been active within Wireless Communications research since 2003. After one year as Research Assistant at University of Ferrara, Italy, I did my PhD in Wireless Communications at Aalborg University, Denmark.

After the PhD, I was Post-Doc for three years and a half (involved in research, teaching and administration) at Aalborg University.

Since 2011 I am affiliated with The Telecommunications  Research Centre (CTVR) @ Trinity College Dublin, where I am an Assistant Professor, holding the Ussher Lectureship in Wireless Communications.

My current tasks include research, teaching (I currently teach undergrad courses within Telecommunications and Electronics domains), and administrative tasks.

My main goal is to perform high-profile research and teaching within the domain of Wireless and Integrated Optical-Wireless Communications and Networks.

All the best,

Assist. Prof. Nicola Marchetti, PhD

CTVR/The Telecommunications Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin


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